Past Simple czy Present Perfect

Uzupełnij luki używając Past Simple lub Present Perfect. Aby zobaczyć poprawną odpowiedź, zaznacz miejsce na nią przeznaczone.

1. Beyonce (decide)     has decided    to cancel the concert and she (inform)         informed     the fans about it a couple minutes ago.

2. Where is John? I don't know. He (leave)     has left        the building.

3. J.K. Rowling (write)     has written   many books about Harry Potter.

4. I (see)     have seen    John twice this week.

5. Elvis Presley (sing)         sang     beautiful songs about love.

6. They (have)     have had       a car for many years.

7. I (never see)     have never seen   such a beautiful girl.

8. Their dog (run away)     ran away         last month and they (not/see)     have not seen      it since then.

9. When I was in Italy, I (eat)         ate         mainly pizza and spaghetti.

10. Is Mark in? Sorry, he (leave)         left          an hour ago. I think he (go)         went          to the cinema.

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