Question Tags

Napisz Question Tags do poniższych zdań. Aby zobaczyć poprawną odpowiedź, zaznacz miejsce na nią przeznaczone.

1. Mike is still in the building, isn't he?

2. Lisa hasn't done it yet, has she?

3. They should throw this away, shouldn't they?

4. He won't call you, will he?

5. Bill didn't take the camera, did he

6. You go to work every day, don’t you?

7. John will help you fix the car, won't he?

8. There were three of them, weren't there?

9. Ania and Tomek aren't English, are they?

10. You have painted the house, haven't you?

11. She forgot to book the tickets, didn't she?

12. Betty doesn’t like horror movies, does she?

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